Message from the Chair

mikdat cakir


Who are we?

As a summary, we are Konya Food and Agrıculture Unıversıty establıshed by scıentıfıc research technology educatıon and culture foundatıon whose founder ıs dear Recep KONUK and supported  by konya sugar factory as a cooperatıve subsıdıary of farmers.

In short, our story; are established under the leadership of the state by bringing together the farmers supplying the raw materials to the Sugar Factories established in accordance with the investment decisions made following the foundation of our Republic. After the Sugar Beet Planter Co-ops prove their adequacies, cooperative activities are put to the state control instead of farmer control.  Later, Sugar Beet Planter Co-ops whose number is 31 and established with the Law No. 1163 within a total civilian structure come together to establish PANKOBİRLİK that is the biggest Farmer Union in Turkey and Europe and which has 700.000 members. Konya Sugar Beet Planter Co-ops which is the strongest member of this association comes together with other cooperatives to decide on setting up a sugar factory in Konya. One of them is which has weighted proportion of Konya Sugar Beet Planter Co-ops.

Konya Sugar Industry Trade I. C. has been rapidly growing since 2000 under the leadership of dear Recep KONUK who is the founder of Cooperative. In order to manage this superiority, they are setting up AAH (Anatolian Association Holding). This constitıtion has now generated a chain of above 30 factories that is called "Eco-Industry, Bio-Industry"  based on the logic "Biosystem” with integrated investment chains. At the same time, this markets natural products that this sysytem produce with the top brand "TORKU”. When this cluster of factories  whose target is ‘ zero waste’ has faced with ‘Universal targets and Universal problems’, the birth of "Foundation University" (Konya Food and Agriculture University), which focuses on the final solution, becomes inevitable.

As there is the foundation spirit on the basic logic of the cooperative foundation, Sugar Beet Farmers who has successfully implemented it appoints and authorizes him as a founder and them by giving full support to Recep Konuk whose idea is to found a university. In 2013, the foundation of our university is being completed.

Why is it a university and what kind of university is it?

“ University that is the Producer of Universal Knowledge " has become inevitable to be able to prepare water and food which are main factors of life and agriculture, which is source of water and food for universal-scale competition, not the local or regional scale.

This university has aimed to become a university which 1 transforms knowledge into product, 2 gives graduation to field staff by bringing diploma to practice, 3 sets up Search and Development Center for the needs, 4 has the idea ‘Boutique University’ that focuses on target-specific department, 5 closes the deficit of technical staff that closes the deficit of fields, 6 doesn’t make no compromises on "employment-oriented" education and training, 7 provides physical facilities to ensure that students aiming at this goal will stay away from the restraints only in a targeted environment, 8 is in the city centre, 9 has full scholarship, 10 has not he problem of housing, 11 has job quarantee, 12 provides graduates with a fully equipped who speak foreign language, 13 provides freedom to determine the area where you will graduate after two years when you arrive at the university, 14 graduates students who know practice-course in the field with experience and give practice with course.

Our university guarantees a future that promise a concentric education with course and practice at the integrated factory campus of Konya SUGAR that is called the "EKO INDUSTRIAL CHAIN" or "ECO SYSTEM CHAIN" or "BIOCHEMIST CHAIN". At this point, we are aiming to graduate you as ready to solve the problems of mankind as "trained staff in education-practice-production line" in these factories. Over thirty factories are waiting to embrace you. You are invited to a university in which you can embrace a universal university that will seek to find a solution for your future problems, not just today, the first in the field in Turkey and adapt to the contemporary knowledge quickly, and live with modern technical knowledge. We invite you to a life that we will embrace from the heart in a university where we will say ‘ Welcome’ and live without detaching from life.