A Meeting was Organized for Divle Obruğ Tulum Cheese in KFAU

Konya Food and Agriculture University, which has carried out many scientific projects since the day it was founded, took an important step for the Divle Obruğu Tulum Cheese. In the meeting held for the standardization, preservation and commercialization of cheese produced in the caves in Karaman, Ayrancı, it was pointed out that traditional production methods should be protected and a decision to conduct further research in order to make production in industrial scale was made.



In the meeting organized by Konya Food and Agriculture University, subjects such as the standardization, preservation and commercialization of Divle Obruğu Tulum Cheese produced in the cave located 36 meters below the ground in Ayrancı district of Karaman were discussed.

During the meeting, standardization of production processes and protection of traditional production methods, plateau tourism in the region and other contributions to be planned, improvement of rural development, preservation of conditions for the formation of cheese and possibilities of production in industrial scale were discussed.

Ayrancı Mayor Yüksel Büyükkarcı, Karaman Agriculture and Forestry Provincial Director Orhan Özçalık, TKDK Karaman Provincial Coordinator Özgür Öztürk, Panagro Meat-Dairy Products Integrated Food Facilities General Manager Hakan Akkoyun, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Konya Food and Agriculture University Mikdat Çakır, Rector of Konya Food and Agriculture University Prof. Dr. Cumhur Çökmüş, Head of the Food Engineering Department of KFAU, and also a member of the Presidency Health and Food Policy Committee Prof. Dr. Zümrüt Begüm Ögel, Faculty Member of Ankara University Department of Dairy Technology Assoc. Dr. Şebnem Öztürkoğlu Budak and Konya Food and Agriculture University Vice Rector and Assistant, Department of Food Engineering and Molecular Biology and Genetics attended the meeting. 



Chairman of the board of trustees, Mikdat Çakır held the meeting on current production techniques of Divle Pothole Bryndza, protection and development of production area, the labor to be done in the area and improving the prosperity of farmers, determining the standards of cheese production and facilities on industrial scale production. It was emphasized that labor is significant to protect such a value. Çakır said “The process of agriculture will not be sufficient without animal husbandry. Given the topic is agriculture, input and output of the process ought to be defined as a value chain comprising animal husbandry. In this regard, it will always be important to work through protection and development of Divle Pothole Bryndza that comes to existence with animals and agriculture in the area, archaic culture and Divle Pothole.  As a university founded by farmers, our priority is both to protect archaic traditions by Divle Pothole Bryndza and to occur a sustainable rural development in Divle and to improve the prosperity in the area.”



Rector at Konya Food and Agriculture University, Prof. Dr. Cumhur Çökmüş said that the meeting was held with regard to the importance of the topic Executive Chairman at KFAU, Karaman Deputy Member of AKP in 25th and 26th Period and General Manager of PANKOBIRLIK, Recep Konuk attach. Çökmüş also emphasized the importance of production conditions and standardization of Divle Pothole Bryndza, one of our traditional products. Mayor of Ayrancı Yüksel Büyükkarcı, who stated that the families who produce cheese and sheep breeding were supported, also talked about the project they carried out to standardize the production of Divle Sinkhole Tulum Cheese with the support of KOP. He emphasized the importance of the farmers in this area. The Manager of Karaman Agriculture and Forestry, Orhan Özçalık stated the importance of the geographical sign document under the leadership of the Karaman Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He said that, as described on this document, the studies go on for the cheese to have the same quality. He also stated that the process of improvement of pasture and highland conditions has been followed in this way. From Ankara University, Department of Milk Technology, Prof. Assoc. Dr. Şebnem Öztürkoğlu Budak from, who has made a presentation about the studies conducted on Divle Sinkhole Tulum Cheese, also gave information about the bacteria, yeast and mold populations that led to the formation of Divle Sinkhole Tulum Cheese. Mrs. Budak who gave information about the laboratory studies completed so far emphasized the importance of the pilot studies which should be done in order to adapt the studies to the industrial scale.

At the end of the meeting, it was decided that the product and production processes of the Divle Sinkhole Tulum Cheese, which was registered with the geographical indication, to standardize the welfare of the local people and to carry out further researches in order to protect both the traditional production methods and production at the industrial scale. The meeting was completed by taking the opinions of the participants about the works that can be done.