Our Rector Prof. Dr. Cumhur ÇÖKMÜŞ gave a speech at the celebration of 15 July Democracy and National Unity Day held at Mevlana Square in Konya

Cumhur ÇÖKMÜŞ, "Our country encountered the first military coup in 1960, followed by the 1971 coup 11 years later, and 9 years after the 1980 coup followed. 36 years after the last coup, July 15, 2016 coup attempt took place. The first three of them were successful, but the July 15 coup attempt failed with the resistance of the people. All these blows were no coincidence. Turkey came under the influence of Europe and the US for the first time with the agreement in 1946. Many obstacles were created by the foreign powers during the process which started with our President’s “One Minute” resistance. At this point, I have good news for you: a new Turkey is being born! The fetus that put into the womb on 16 April, 2017 was born on June 24, 2018! It is our duty to protect, enlighten and grow him! Good luck with the construction of the new Turkey" he said.