The Founder's Message

kurucu başkan

Dear youth, we invite you to a new generation university that is in the center of the city, within in the social life and does not condemn you between the four walls and the mold.

The diploma is not enough. The experience is necessary!

We do not dream of giving you only a diploma at the first specialized university in the field of agriculture and food of our country. We wanted that: When new generation of young people graduate from university, they begin to work with not only their diploma but also work experience. They reinforce the theoretical knowledge that they will extract at specialization departments of university with practice.


Konya Sugar has opened the doors for you to the end…

We have assigned tens of thousands of decare applications,farms spread over thousands of hectares, business firms  consisting of agriculture, food, animal husbandry, energy and marketing and numbered with 38 of Konya Sugar, one of the biggest companies in Turkey to you for work experience. We have thought that in our increasingly populated world, we need to create a team from Turkey for the whole of the process that is  from seed to agricultural production, from animal husbandry to environmental applications, from food raw materials production to food industry, from product to product marketing to the food industry which will flourish. We want this team not only to transfer our country and agriculture and food to the champions of the league, but also to reach an outstanding  point in the world.

There is no limit to education!

We want to make friendship with you on this road we went out. This friendship is not limited to the educational process. The industry has two major needs: the first one  is a staff committee that will  produce information and technology. The other one is qualified team player who will increase the speed of the sector with the knowledge and experience gained in the training process. Now, our new generation university will provide these two needs. We will be your greatest supporter for both of your choices. If you want to continue with your creative identity in the agricultural, food and hospitality committee, you will be able to plan your academic career in this institution where you start training. If you prefer to be in the production process, you will be able to start to work at the production facilities in Torku, aiming to become one of the world's top five food brands without looking for job with diploma.

We are ready to say "Welcome!"

Regardless of your preference, when you step into this new generation university, you will be player of a big team. You will be a part of a team which will instigate a country like Turkey that has great potential in the field of agriculture and food again in these fields and carry it to the top of agriculture and food. We have mobilized all of our facilities so that this team can be formed. You are the one who will make this team bigger and partner this team to the summit struggle in the world and we are looking forward to saying "Welcome!" to you. We are preparing to meet you at this new generation university where diplom will be ready for the work of those who finish their departments in the first year. By saying “Next-generation university, new generation education”, we invite you to Konya Agriculture and Food University, the first specialized university in your country.